Talking about Birth Matters

27th May 2017, 10am: Sussex Birth Day. Brighton Fringe Festival, Friends Meeting House.

Talking about Birth Matters. With participants from oneworldbirth, Psychology Sussex, Royal College of Midwives, NHS and University of Sussex academics from philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology. We would like to discuss the following questions with the audience: Why is it so difficult to talk about matters of childbirth? Why does it matter, that is, why is it important? What can we do to make it easier?

What would you change about birth care in this country if you could be queen for a day? What would you like to tell parents?

We are offering refreshments and educational entertainment for up to 20 kids (e-mail to reserve a place), and photo exhibit (slideshow):


I hope to collect as many faces of newly born babies from Brighton and Hove as possible. If you would like to send us a photo of your child(ren) as relatively newly born babies (from the first few days), we would be extremely delighted. The exhibit is meant to show the diversity of newly born faces to be found in this exciting city, but also to remind us that newly born babies are strange creatures, imposing many challenges on us as parents.

If you are willing to participate, please send your photo(s) by May 1, 2017 (but the earlier, the better) to

All photos received will be part of the exhibit. Thank you very much!

To motivate you and say thank you, we created this family video calendar:


Furthermore, all contributors will be entered into a raffle for an exciting Playmobil Puppet Theatre with figures and music:



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